July 24 - 27, 2017
Red Rock Resort
Las Vegas
Cutting Edge Practical Teacher Training 
And Certification For All Dance Teachers

Dance Teacher University - UNLV
What Does Certification Mean?
Dance Teacher Web and faculty from the University of Nevada Las Vegas have partnered to create the best and most comprehensive teacher training program for dance teachers, K-12 teachers and dance studios with multiple disciplines. This program presents a syllabus that is safe, effective and fun! The curriculum provides a challenging yet easy to grasp dance training for beginner through intermediate levels. Level two certification is for those looking for intermediate and advanced curriculum.

Continuing education is the key to being the best dance studio and the best teacher in the industry. Knowing the basic disciplines Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Modern is essential but in the industry of dance today you must also offer alternative information. As a teacher we need to keep up to date with the latest information in our specific subject of study. This keeps us competitive in the field in which we teach. 

For Dance Studio Owners where every type of dance discipline is offered becomes more of a challenge. It is important to be informed about all of the dance forms that are offered at your studio and that you may be called upon to teach. Not only knowing the “latest and greatest” but also, the foundation from where all of this movement has come from is essential to avoid injury and to achieve proper training for your students.

A training program that offers anatomy for dancers including prevention of injury and proper cross training and body conditioning methods is imperative today in this new world of multiple disciplinary movement. We are far from the days of tradition when it comes to movement. But, there is nothing like tradition to create strength and foundation. How do you begin training with your youngest dancer? How do you stay competitive in the industry with the oldest and most advanced dancer? Foundation is the key. It is important not to skip the fundamentals of movement. Holding your dancers to the task of learning the basic foundational dance styles is similar to learning the basics in school reading, writing and arithmetic. Without these fundamentals you cannot succeed in life. It is much the same in dance.

Dance Teacher University will be able to provide you with the Teacher Training Program. Dance Teacher Web will provide you with continuing education through their website and at their annual convention.

Do You Teach Dance In The K-12 Setting?
Our teacher certification program is for you! You know how important it is to have a safe syllabus or program to follow that will also help build strength, coordination and flexibility. Plus you will learn hundreds of hours of class content that will keep your classes fresh and fun for years to come! All attendees will receive a certificate of completion that is suitable for framing!